Wild Swan Theater Presents Strega Nona

Wild Swan Theater opens its 38th season with the humorous children’s tale, Strega Nona and the Magic Pasta Pot.  The nationally recognized, award-winning company has created an original version of this traditional tale sure to please children and their families.

Geared toward young children ages 3 through 9, the story of Strega Nona is a beloved Italian folktale.  Strega Nona has a magical pasta pot that only she can control.  In fact, Strega Nona has a way with noodles; she can summon them from her pot with just the right magic words.  Silliness ensues when Big Anthony does not listen to her, causing the streets of their small Italian village to fill with pasta.  I loved reading this book with my first grade students, as folktales are always enjoyable to story tell and are often captivating and promotes a young child’s imagination.

Hilary Cohen appears as Strega Nona with Wild Swan actors Sandy Ryder (Big Anthony) and Michelle Trame Lanzi (Paula).  David Mosher brings live musical accompaniment for the production with his mandolin and various percussion instruments.  American Sign Language interpreting is provided by Synergy on Stage.  Renowned artist Chris Roberts Antieau has designed the sets, costumes and props for the production.  Many theatergoers will know Ms. Roberts Antieau’s work from the Ann Arbor Art Fair or from local galleries where her prints and paintings are displayed.

My preschool-age, twin boys and I have attended several of Wild Swan Theater’s productions.  The performances are just over 45 minutes and include quite a bit of audience participation.  The stage is easy to view from the auditorium seating.  Snacks can be brought in to the theater, as well.

Performances Dates and Times:

Thursday, October 19th at 10:00 AM

Friday, October 20th at 10:00 PM and 12:30 PM

Saturday, October 21th 11:00 AM

* Ticket costs:  $12 for adults, $10 for youth and seniors; Discounts available for groups of 10 or more; $3 lap passes available for patrons under 2 years of age.

Purchase and Information:  (734) 995-0530 or www.wildswantheater.org


All performances at Towsley Auditorium, Morris Lawrence Building, Washtenaw Community College



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  1. If the ages it is geared to are 3-9 why is there only one time when most children are not in school?! I would love to take my children to this but we’re out of town that specific Saturday and the other offerings are at 10 am on a work day and a school day. Poor planning?

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