Tricks for Treats at Gym America

On Sunday, October 29th, Gym America (5555 Hines Drive) is hosting their annual Tricks for Treats event!  From 3 PM to 4:15 PM, on the main floor of the gym, there will be lots of opportunities to earn treats for ‘tricks’!  With the Halloween festivities taking place on a weekend afternoon, it is possible for the entire family to join in on the fun!

Children are encouraged to wear costumes to Gym America.  There will be games and prizes for all!  Some of the exciting activities include boo bowling and putt putt, obstacle courses, coloring, treats, trampoline, f0am pit and much more!

Admission is $5 per a child.  You can actually order passes, in advance, and avoid waiting in a long line at the start of the event, at the front desk.

This is an extremely popular event, so be prepared for a crowded gym!  We arrived about 20 minutes, past 3 PM, and the entire parking lot was filled.  However, we had purchased our tickets in advance, and were able to head directly into the gymnasium.  The boys brought their Halloween buckets, but there is only a few activities where they actually got a little prize to put in their buckets (i.e. plastic rings, tattoos, little Halloween decorations).  They LOVED the obstacle courses, jumping into the foam pit (in costume), and seeing many of their little friends dressed up.  We had a blast at Tricks for Treats and plan to partake in this event again this year!


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  1. I can’t find anything about this event on their website:(. Can you provide a link for preordering tickets? Also, would a good climber/wobbly walker enjoy this?

    • You cannot preorder the tickets online, but rather at Gym America. SO, if you every go to Open Gym (great for even a wobbly walker) on Monday or Friday mornings or take a class there, you can purchase the tickets there.

      I think that a good climber would enjoy it as well. Just get there early/on time before it gets too crowded. There is a great preschool section to the gym.

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