Project of the Week: Turtles

My twin boys have recently been into tons of imaginative play…restaurant and pet shop are two of our favorite activities!  I thought it would be fun to make pet turtles, to add to our stuffed pets.  We used Qdoba bowls (left over from their birthday party) and green construction paper to create these adorable pet turtles!

You Will Need:

  • paper bowl
  • green and brown paint
  • googly eyes
  • paintbrush
  • green construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Prep the Project: Cut out 4 turtle limbs, out of the green construction paper.  Cut out a larger, half-circle, for the turtle’s face.  Gather together the rest of the supplies!

It was a lovely afternoon, so we decided to paint our turtles on our driveway (easier clean up and didn’t mind getting washable paint on the driveway, for the rain to wash away later!).  I squirted the tops of the bowls with green paint, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed spreading the paint around the bowl, covering it entirely in green!

Next, the boys decided they wanted to add brown spots to the turtles’ ‘shells’.  I actually squirted a small amount of brown paint, directly onto the driveway, and the boys dabbed their brushes into the brown paint and then, onto the shells.  One of my boys also added a bit of yellow and ended up swirling all of the colors together, on his turtle’s shell.


Once the shells were completely painted, and the boys were satisfied with the final product (took about 10 minutes), we added the face and four limbs.  I simply placed a thin line of white glue, along the edge of each piece of green construction paper, and we counted to ten, as we attached the limbs to the sides of the shell. Once the paint dries, they stay put quite well!  We added googly eyes to the turtles’ faces.  Finally, we laid the turtles, on the porch, and brought them back inside after a couple of hours.  They are the perfect additions to our pet shop!


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