Project of the Week: sticker memory and sticker stories!

Around the holidays, my family LOVES to send out cards to the boys.  The cards almost always include STICKERS!  Although the boys love stickers and the excitement of receiving mail, the stickers often end up either unused, stuck on a piece of furniture or ripped apart!  SO, this Fall, we used our stickers in several, fun ways: create a Halloween memory game and made Halloween stories!  These two activities can be centered around any holiday, theme, popular TV show, etc.  You just need STICKERS!

You Will Need:

  • stickers (for the memory game, you will need pairs of stickers)
  • white paper and/or construction paper
  • di-cuts (optional)
  • markers
  • stapler

For the MEMORY GAME:  I used pumpkin di-cuts, because I had a bunch (my mom also likes to make us di-cuts from time to time).  Ann Arbor’s Downtown Library has a di-cut machine and provides paper as well! If you do not have di-cuts, simply cut squares or rectangles out of construction paper, to stick the stickers on.  Place matching pairs of stickers on one side of the di-cuts.  OPTIONAL:  Laminate the di-cuts for longer use.  Next, lay the di-cuts out, facedown and enjoy a game of memory!  For younger kids, you could show them one of the stickers and have them search for the ‘match’ in the pile of stickers.


For the STICKER BOOKS:  Take three pieces of computer paper or construction paper and fold them in half.  Staple the book together.  Next, decide on a theme for the book.  Explain to your little one that they will be using stickers to make the pictures, and that you will help to write the words.  My boys LOVE this activity!  I always try to keep the words simple, and have the words match what is on the page.  In Henry’s book, we repeated the phrase ‘in the Haunted House’, for each page.  Teddy’s book focused on numbers and Halloween words.  They love to ‘read’ the books to us at meal times!

sticker-book-haunted                      sticker-book-final

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