Project of the Week: Rainbows!

Rainbows are both a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day and a sign of Spring!  This craft is great for teaching colors too!  My boys loved using q-tips to paint, which is great for developing fine motor skills (i.e. writing!).

You Will Need:

  • outline of a rainbow on white paper
  • paint (colors of a rainbow!)
  • Q-tips
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • egg carton (works gets for holding multiple paint colors!)
  • paint shirt

Prep the Project: draw the outline of a rainbow on white construction paper.  Be sure to include clouds at the ends of the rainbow.  Make the arches fairly skinny, as your little one will be using q-tips to paint in the color of the rainbow!

Explain to your little one that rainbows are often seen in the sky in Spring, because rainbows appear, when the sun comes out, after the rain.  As you pour out the paint, onto a plate or empty egg carton, have your child name the colors of the rainbow (think ROY G BIV!).  Use Q-tips to ‘dot’ the paint on each arc of the rainbow.


While one of my boys like to ‘paint’ the color onto the rainbow, my other son ‘dotted’ the paint on.  The ‘dotted’ rainbow appeared darker and took more time to paint each arch.  We used a new Q-tip for each color of the rainbow too.


After painting all of the colors, onto the rainbow, it’s time to make the clouds!  Cover the cloud outlines with glue, and add cotton balls to completely cover the cloud.  I love the 3-D effect of the cotton balls!  After painting our rainbows, the boys spent quite a bit of time mixing colors on blank pieces of paper.  They discovered that mixing yellow with blue makes green and mixing blue with red makes purple!

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