Project of the Week: Personalized Snowmen!

Perfect for a snowy/rainy day, my boys enjoyed ‘building’ a super tall snowman indoors!

You Will Need:

  • construction paper (white, orange, brown, color of choice for the hat!)
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • markers

Prep the Project: Cut out enough white circles for each letter in your child’s name and an additional ‘snowball’ for the head.  I used a Solo cup for the size of the snowballs.  Cut out a top hat, brown ‘twigs’ for the arms, and a carrot nose.  Invite your little one to make a personal snowman, using the letters in their name, stacked in the correct order, creating one TALL snowman!  Ask your child how many letters is in his or her name (may want to use your fingers to demonstrate spelling his or her name a loud as your determine the number of letters in the name).  Next, either you or your child writes the letters of the name, one letter per a ‘snowball’.  My preschoolers have JUST become more confident in writing the letters of their names, so this is a perfect opportunity for us to practice this skill!


Next, glue the snowballs in the correct order, spelling out your child’s name.  Once the body of the snowman is in glued together, it’s time for the head!  Your little one will delight in adding a carrot nose, top hat, googly eyes, and coal (black circles) for the mouth.  As you are adding the body parts to the snowman, you can review shapes (i.e. the nose is a triangle, the hat is a square on top of a rectangle).  Lastly, add the ‘twigs’ or arms to one of the snowballs.


The personal snowmen focus on letter recognition, name recognition, counting, writing practice, and shapes…teaching preschool concepts and having fun at the same time!

I’m a Little Snowman

I’m a Little Snowman,

Short and fat.

Here is my nose

And here is my hat.

When the sun comes out

I cannot play.

I just simply melt away!

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