Project of the Week: Nature Frames

For the past few weeks, my boys and I have been marveling in the changing colors of the leaves!  Soon the leaves will fall to the ground, but for now, the sky is filled with colors of orange, green, red, and yellow.  We decided to capture the Fall colors, in a Fall frame!

You Will Need:

  • scissors
  • paper plate
  • colorful leaves
  • paint (optional)
  • clear contact paper (NOT white!)

Prep the Project:  Cut out the middle of a paper plate, leaving only the ridged edges.  Cut out two circles, that are a bit larger than the middle of the paper plate.  The circles should be the same size.

Go on a nature walk, with a focus on collecting different colored leaves.  It did not take long for us to collect a small collection of red, yellow, and green leaves.  My boys and I also looked for leaves of different shapes and sizes (not too big, so that you can fit more leaves, inside the plate!).  Since mid-September, Henry and Teddy have been counting down the days until Halloween, and that is why we collected our leaves in a Halloween bucket!

Peel back one of the circles of clear contact paper and attach it to the back of the paper plate.  The sticky side should be facing up.  Have your child place the leaves on the sticky paper.  Encourage them to choose different colors and shapes of leaves.

If the leaves are crinkly and folding up, you may need to help flatten them out, on the sticky contact paper.  We were able to place about 7 leaves, within the circle of the plate.

Once the leaves are nicely arranged, peel back the second piece of contact paper.  Carefully, place the sheet over the leaves, smooth out any bumps and crinkles.  Hold the nature artwork, to the sun, and it creates a beautiful display of Fall.

Your little one could add some color to the outer rim of the plate as well.  Using paint or markers, the frame can be done just the way your child wants it to be.  My boys were more interested in playing with chalk, at this point, so we simply hung up the craft, with the paper plate untouched.

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