Project of the Week: Love You To the Moon and Back

Here is Part 2, to our Father’s Day ‘Project of the Week’.  You will need your little one’s painting of the moon (see last week’s Project of the Week).  Otherwise, you can draw a moon, on black construction paper, and have your child simply color in the moon, using a white crayon or piece of white chalk.

You Will Need:

  • Astronaut outline
  • photo of your child (close up on face if possible)
  • markers
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • black construction paper
  • yellow stars or construction paper
  • white crayon
  • moon painting (last week’s Project of the Week)

Prep the Project:  Print out or draw an astronaut suit.  Find a picture of your little one, that will fit nicely in the astronaut’s helmet.  Cut out stars, from yellow construction paper.

copy and paste this image into a Microsoft word document, fit to page, and then print!

Have your little one color the astronaut, using any colors they want for the space suit.  Cut out a photo of your child’s face and glue the face inside the astronaut’s helmet.  Cut out the astronaut suit.


Next, take a large piece of black construction paper and arrange your child’s astronaut, 3 to 5 yellow star cutouts, and the painting of the moon.  IF you do not have a large piece of construction paper, you could also tape or staple two pieces of black paper together.  My boys really enjoyed arranging the outer space scene, themselves, on the black paper.

We glued on the stars and astronaut, and I stapled on the moon paintings (too large and crinkly for a glue stick).  Next, I asked my 4-year-olds to tell me what they love about Daddy.  I gave them prompts: “Where do you love to go with Daddy?”, “What do you love to eat with Daddy?”, “What do you like to watch or play with Daddy?”.  Toddlers and preschoolers tend to be repetitive and evasive with their responses, so they need lots of prompting!

Lastly, use a white crayon to add the words “Love you to the Moon and Back”.  I love that both of their Father’s Day ‘posters’ are unique and demonstrate their love for Daddy!  They are super proud of the final products and were excited to ‘hide’ the gift until we present them to Daddy on Father’s Day!

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