Project of the Week: Ice Cream Scoops

I scream, you scream…we ALL scream for ice cream!  My 4-year-old boys and I love special trips to the ice cream shop (our favorite is probably Washtenaw Dairy right now…love the ‘old-school’ feel of this place!).  My preschoolers had a blast, pretending to open up their own ice cream shop, with a simple ice cream scoop craft!

You Will Need:

  • colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • markers or crayons
  • glue stick

Prep the Project:  Cut out different color or ‘flavors’ of ice cream scoops (half-moon shape).  Cut out an ice cream cone from brown construction paper.

Invite your little one to make a large ice cream cone!  I explained to my boys that they were going to start with the cone, and then, add five ice cream flavors to their cones.  We glued the scoops together, before decorating the flavors with toppings.  The boys LOVED creating different ice cream flavors, selecting from the different colored ice cream scoops.  There was yellow banana, vanilla with sprinkles and M and M toppings, mint (Daddy’s favorite), strawberry, and chocolate!

As they glued the scoops, on top of the ice cream cone, we focused on counting up to 5.  I also had them write their names, with one letter for each scoop of ice cream (hence the five scoops of ice cream for each boy!).  They wrote their names on the back of the ice cream scoops, because they had already added so many colorful toppings to the front of the scoops.

This project is great for ALL ages too.  You can focus on different preschool skills, throughout the construction of the ice cream cones: counting, colors, letters, writing, and shapes.  The boys chose to tape their ice cream cones up above their beds…a reminder of these ice cream-filled days of Summer!


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