Project of the Week: Holly Centerpiece

This past week, one of my boys insisted that the only holiday project he would participate in had to be holly!  I have no idea where he came up with this, but I decided that I would make his holly wish come true!  I love the idea of using recycled products and also projects that involve paint and have a 3D quality…an added bonus when it can serve as a decoration, in the home, too!

You Will Need:

  • red paint
  • egg carton (preferable cardboard)
  • paintbrush
  • paint tray
  • glue
  • green construction paper
  • scissors

Prep the Project: Cut out three egg compartments, from the egg carton, because the egg shells will serve to be the ‘berries’ of the holly.  So you want to cut out a ‘triangle’ of egg shells, from the egg carton.  You could keep the three ‘berries’ together or cut them to be separate.  Cut out several leaves, from the green construction paper.  Gather the rest of the paint supplies.

Have your child begin the craft by painting the egg shells red.  We placed the egg shells, directly on the paint plate.  Then, we simply squirted the red paint, directly onto the egg shells.  The boys had fun spreading the paint all over the shells, turning them into vibrant red berries!  We kept our three ‘berries’ together, but you could choose to cut them apart and paint the berries separately too.  Stress the importance of covering the egg shells entirely in red paint!


Once the egg shells are painted, set them aside to dry.  They do NOT need to be completely dry for finishing the project.  Originally, I had envisioned by boys would ‘tear’ or cut green construction paper to create the holly leaves.  I thought that it might create a neat texture, by ripping pieces of construction paper and arranging them in the shape of a holly leaf, before gluing the leaves down.  However, the boys insisted that I cut out the holly leaves.  I gave in and cut three holly leaves, for each boy.  I attempted to make the size of the leaves fit with the size of the egg shell berries.

Next, we placed the red berries onto a piece of white construction paper.  This is where you can change up the craft to your liking!  In my head, I had pictured waiting for the berries to dry and then simply attaching holly leaves to the bottom of the berries.  We did not do this.  We ended up deciding to place the berries, still WET, on a piece of paper, in hopes that the berries would stick.  I did end up having to add quite a bit of glue to the rim of the egg shells, to get the berries to adher to the paper.  Then, we glued the holly leaves, all around the berries.

The final product is currently serving as a holiday centerpiece, on our kitchen island counter.  It is a lovely table centerpiece and might be neat to have several of them, scattered in the middle of a large dining room table!


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