Project of the Week: Fingerprint Lambs

Our second year of Farm Camp was a success!  From milking goats, collecting eggs, making fruit smoothies, and going on tractor rides, my 4-year-old boys were thrilled to spend two days on a farm!  We talked a lot about all the adventures they would have the animals they would see, leading up to the week of Farm Camp.  This fun craft was another exciting activity too!

You Will Need:

  • white paint
  • paint tray
  • colored construction paper
  • black construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Prep the Project: Cut out a lamb face (oval-shaped, with ears sticking out), four long legs, and a little bean-shaped tail, from black construction paper.  Gather together the rest of the materials, from the list above.

Pour a small amount of white paint, onto a paper plate.  Demonstrate how to use your thumb or finger and dab white spots of ‘wool’ onto a colored piece of paper (my boys and niece all picked different colors for the background of lamb picture).  We talked about shaping the lamb’s body like an oval.  Another option, is to help your little one by using your thumbprints for the outside ring of ‘wool’, and your child fills in the the rest of the oval with white thumbprints.


Once the lamb’s body is filled in, you can add the black face, legs, and tail.  Some of the body parts stick to the paint, but you will also need to use a glue stick for the legs and tail.  Add googly eyes.  It’s fun to see where your little one sticks the body parts (we talked about how lambs have two front legs and two back legs, like a dog!).

After the lamb has dried (only takes an hour or two), hang the lamb up in your child’s bedroom, the play room, or refrigerator!

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