Project of the Week: Craters on the Moon

Zoom, zoom, zoom!  Our ‘Project of the Week’ will send you to the moon!  We had a lot of fun learning about the craters on the moon, as the boys created their moon paintings!

You Will Need:

  • black construction paper
  • white paint
  • flour
  • paint brush
  • paint tray
  • bottle cap
  • star stickers (optional)

Prep the Project: There really is minimal prep work, for this simple project.  Simply, gather together the materials and invite your little one to create a moon artwork. Mix about half a tablespoon of flour with about a quarter cup of white paint.  You can use a paintbrush to mix the flour and the paint together.  It should have the consistency of a thicker paste.  The thicker paint creates more of an illusion of the moon, on the paper.


I painted a white circle, on the black construction paper, before having my boys paint inside the entire circle, with white paint. Next, we used the bottom of a small, plastic cup to create ‘craters’ on the moon.  A bottle cap would work just as well.


Craters is a new vocabulary word for my 4-year-olds.  So I decided to make this a learning opportunity and posed the question, “why are there craters on the moon?”.  My boys immediately were curious and wanted to find the answer.  So we looked up the question, and we learned that craters are caused by meteoroids or asteroids, as they make contact with the moon’s surface.  Later, in the evening, one of my boys explained to his daddy that the craters were formed by “large rocks hitting its surface”.  I was so proud that they remembered what we learned, earlier in the afternoon!

Finally, we added star stickers, around the white moons.  The thicker paint was so much fun to paint with and created a neat texture on the construction paper!

Father’s Day Craft Idea: I am planning to use these moons to go with an astronaut, that the boys will color, and we will put a photo of their faces in the astronauts’ helmets.  We can add the caption “Love you to the moon and back!”.  Check back to next week’s ‘Project of the Week’ for the final product!

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