Project of the Week: 3D Haunted Houses

Many of our crafts are often inspired by a new, “favorite” book from the library.  Since late September, we have been reading many Fall and Halloween-themed books.  One of our favorites is about a friendly ghost and all the Halloween characters (i.e. witches, goblins, skeletons) invited to his Halloween Party, at his Haunted House.  We had a blast, creating spooky houses of our own!

You Will Need:

  • brown paper bags
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • crayons or markers
  • glue stick
  • stapler
  • stickers (optional)
  • filler for the brown bag (cotton balls, crumpled paper, newspaper, etc.)

Prep the Project: There is minimal prep work for this craft, because there is a lot of creativity involved, in designing a unique Haunted House.  First, cut out several black squares (windows), a black rectangle (door), orange pumpkin, brown tree, green grass, and a black roof.  Gather the rest of the materials, listed above, and set the materials out, on a table, for your little one to explore!

My 4-year-old boys were thrilled to design their Haunted Houses, with minimal direction and support.  First, they glued on windows and the black door.  They used a white crayon to add doorknobs and some spider webs.  Next, they added a bare tree, some grass, a pumpkin.

Of course, the boys also loved adding Halloween stickers to the decor of the house…spiders dangling from trees, cats on a tree branch, ghosts floating in the air, and best of all, candy pieces in a candy bowl.  Teddy even drew a picture of himself, with a candy bag (filled with candy stickers) dangling from his arm!

Another excellent preschool skill the boys practiced is CUTTING.  They pulled out their scissors, and cut additional strips of grass and windows for the other side of their houses.  After decorating both sides of the Haunted House, it was time to ‘stuff’ the Haunted House bags.  We used cotton balls, because we just so happen to have a ton of cotton balls, in our craft bag.  You could also use crumpled newspaper, scraps of paper, or a small towel.  Henry and Teddy were determined to use every last cotton ball, while stuffing the brown bags.  It was the perfect filler!

The last step is to add the roof, to the top of the brown paper bags.  We used black strips of paper, with curves cut into the bottom of the paper.  Fold the top of the bag over, and staple the roof pieces, to both sides of the haunted house.  Henry made sure to display his Haunted House where you can see both sides of the decorations (currently on our table in the family room!).


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