Blueberry Farms near Ann Arbor

Dexter Blueberry Farm

Monday, July 17th is the opening day for blueberry picking at the Dexter Blueberry Farm!  Located at 11024 Beach Rd., Dexter, their hours are Monday – Saturday, 8 AM to 7:30 PM and Sunday, noon to 6 PM.  The peak season is typically end of July through the first two weeks of August.  The cost is $1.95 per pound of blueberries (20 cent increase from last year!), and although, the locally grown blueberries are not organic, they are guaranteed to be healthy and delicious!

My sister and I took our little ones to the blueberry farm the past two Summers, and we plan to have another adventure there soon!  The busiest times are the weekends, and then the morning hours are somewhat busy.  Even though the blueberries are grown on ‘high bushes’, they informed me that there are plenty of low-lying branches for little ones to reach.  Last year, our little ones found plenty of low-lying berries to pick!   They were also entertained, running between the trees, finding large sticks, and helping us put the berries in the buckets.  Expect to spend about an hour filling your tub with delicious blueberries!

Plan to dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and berry-stained!  Also, I recommend closed-toe shoes and a baseball cap.  Lastly, there is a bathroom, but I DEFINITELY recommend going before you arrive.  Don’t forget some water bottles too!

Hazen’s Blueberry Farm

Located at 1144 Peavy Road, in Howell, they are already open for blueberry picking, and raspberry picking starts in mid-July (so JUST now!).  Blueberries are $1.80/lb u pick.  Raspberries are $3/lb u pick. They recommend coming out as early as possible to pick raspberries as they are first come first serve. Homemade baked goods, ice cream, paletas, and jam are available in  their store.  They suggest that you call ahead ((517) 548-1841) for exact times and days that they are open, as it depends on weather conditions.

blueberry ice cream

Toddler-approved, blueberry recipes:

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