Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week

Restaurant week starts Sunday, June 11th and ends on Friday, June 16th!  Over 50 restaurants, downtown and around Ann Arbor, are participating in this popular dining event!  Although there is a fixed price menu for both lunch ($15) and dinner ($28), the restaurants still offer food items off their regular menus, at menu cost.  Close to 30 restaurants even offer a 2 for 1 pricing!  For a list of the participating menus and their appealing menus created just for Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week, click here.  The restaurants are also split up into categories, which include vegetarian, vegan, offers lunch, and 2-for-1.

My four-year old boys (Henry and Teddy) and I have enjoyed several lunches together during restaurant week.  I feel like this is a great opportunity to try out a new, upscale restaurant with a toddler, because the fixed price for lunch is fairly inexpensive, and the restaurants aren’t super busy, during lunch hours.  My husband and I always squeeze in a dinner date one evening as well (this Summer we have reservations at Cafe Felix and Grange!).

If you miss out on Restaurant Week, this Summer, no worries!  Restaurant Week always comes back, for one week, in January!

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